The Action Painter application offers users an expressive & creative experience that works the body and stimulates the soul.
The inspiration for the painting act can be found in the artistic genre of Action Painting attributed to Jackson Pollock. As in traditional Action Painting, the heart of the matter is the artistic act itself.

The ActionPainter is also a way to use a smartphone as more than a small screen and is designed to be used without a glimpse at it. The combination of technology and physical action enables our cellular phones to become a tool for personal expression, a live paint brush and a physical extension of the body.

We are constantly improving the ActionPainter – adding new brushes and features.

The ActionPainter was first developed as part of the DevArt project – A joint commission by Google Israel and Fresh Paint Art Fair in Tel Aviv

Even the president of Israel Shimon Peres had the pleasure of trying out the ActionPainter (and loved every minute).

The amazing creations made with the ActionPainter can be also made into a variety of accessories and giveaways.
Like the ones we made during the GeekPicnic Festival in Jerusalem.

We also developed a prototype of a physical ActionPainter using splashes of real paint which. We are waiting for the chance to scale up and make a splash.

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