BackOffice is an open lab for corporate employee engagement possibilities and a disruptive look into office work culture.

We introduced a robot into the working environment that would become part of the office everyday life. On top of features we offer and a process of cooperatively looking into the workplace culture we also offered the tech company in question a quick crash course in rapid prototyping, physical computing and basic maker culture brad and butter and together with the employees developed over the course of a makeathon cool new features to tailor suit their place of work.

BackOffice is a part of a joint effort to create an international community of multidisciplinary creative individuals dedicated to inserting themselves into workplaces and introducing new means of human engagement and workplace experience – Creative Engagers

We hope to continue to explore new means of employee engagement and the connection between corporate, creativity, Technology and experience in other companies in the future.

Special thanks to KLARNA that allowed us to come in and play.
This project couldn’t have come to life without the help of Nadav Kaddar.

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