Cause&Effect is our way of honoring the amazing legacy of Rube Goldberg

Rube Goldberg machines encompass all we love and believe in what we do. The heart and soul of such machines is pure experience and joy and absolutely none practicality what so ever. So sometimes we just do them for fun, sometimes we use them in workshops and every now and then we get to make special Rube Goldberg delight. Here are a few worth mentioning.

BallsAway is a physi digi marble Rube Goldberg Machine. After playing around with Rube Goldberg Machines for many years we were lucky to realize our dream of building a proper marble run type one with all the bling that goes with it.

PlayBall is a front for a school that decided to make Play its specialty. So in the spirit of play we created a mechanical apparatus that combines the inspiration in how simple it is to understand a mechanical contraption and how complex it is to make one actually work.

Jerusalem Design Week was also a platform during which we chose to challenge design students and professionals to plan and construct a Rube Goldberg Machine – quick and dirty style with only a few hours to build. Next year we built a continues machine that linked ends and beginnings of a few group projects together to one big happy machine.

Eye Candy is a site specific proposal for a electromechanical interactive installation in the Elite junction in Ramat Gan, Israel. The Junction is known for being the historic location of the Elite chocolate factory. Children’s songs have been written on the smell of chocolate that filled the air around the factory and stirred the minds and bodies by passers.

We plan to create a wonka kind of experience in which any one that passes through could drop a coin and start a magical chain reaction that would set the whole building facade in motion and would illustrate the most crazy and charming production process of one small piece of chocolate which would eventually pop out on the other back end side of the installation.

We are also planing a trans continental Rube Goldberg machine really soon so stay tuned…

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