PièceDeRésistance is an experience of objects and stories.

Revolving around human resistance the exhibition creates an alternative for Museums and Historical Archives while at the same time gives a new meaning to narrative and story telling. The core of the exhibition is a growing archive of resistance artefacts of all ages, places and a variety sources (museums, private collectors, personal items) linked by a computer system to an online archive that entails the story behind each objects.

The audience is invited to contribute to the archive by investigating existing objects and stories or by adding stories and objects of their own to this uncensored free collage of humanity.

While inspired by the spirit of the www, PièceDeRésistance manages to add a personal touch and a tangible sentiment to the archive instead of leaving artefacts sealed from the publics touch like in virtual platforms as well as in other institutional archives.

PièceDeRésistance is meant to be a traveling archive that continues to collect objects and stories around the world and share its findings with a growing audience.

ExperiencesEvent X, Public X, Space X, Cultural X, Emotional X, Historical XCategoryPlatforms ClientMediaMatic, Amsterdam Year2011

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