The idea for the Show&Tell glove was conceived as a creative solution foreseeing future wearable computers communication.

While most components can be minimized and become ‘user friendly’ the keyboard paradigm remains a clumsy solution that is far from compatible with the way we communicate in real life. Sign language is a natural way to communicate, its physical, expressive and engaging. Adopting sign language as the means for the future wearable keyboard seems like an obvious solution.

Using sign language also makes a poetic statement in utilizing a tool originally used by handicap people in order to enable the rest of us new forms of forward thinking innovative communication platforms.

In 2011 we were invited by Google Israel to come up with a way to utilize the Android ADK. We decided to revive an old dream and try to create a glove that can translate sign language into text.

The Show&Tell glove has also been featured at

Make Magazine


TNW Gadget


Web Urbanist

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