StoryStore – Retail edition

The Story Store explores the relationship between designer, product and consumer. How can we create an alternative buying experience. A more meaningful, involved and intimate connection between buyer and product.

selected designers create objects to fit in a box. The objects are then concealed within numbered boxes, the only means of communication between product and consumer being a short story written by the designer. The consumer can choose a story from the catalogue and buying into more than just an object…

StoryStore – Seks is meer edition

Sex is all about interaction, the art of giving and receiving, a delicate tension between the unseen and the exposed.

Join our provocative role play, which invites you to creatively connect some sexy
stories from your own intimate biography or your vivid, fantastic imagination, with an object you may have brought with you or one you can make in our backstage workshop.

The object will be concealed in a box by our office manager while the story will be on display for other visitors to choose and acquire.

As the saying goes, ‘you get what you give’: for each generous donation of a story/object you get the privilege of choosing another’s story which you like and also the bonus mystery box that comes with it.

StoryStore – Giveaway edition

The Third edition of the StoryStore was all about exchanging objects and stories. Participant are invited to share their stories and objects (either their own objects or one they create in the StoryStore workshop.

All relations, good and bad are based on the sharing and exchange of objects and stories and as such the StoryStore became a intercultural, international and interrelation meeting point, thinking possibility and discussion opportunity.

ExperiencesConsumer X, User X, Creative X, Social X, Cultural X, Retail XCategoryPlatforms ClientDutch Design Week, Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven, Mediamatic AmsterdamYear2007

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